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"Chef System" bottle rack or pantry

Modular cabinet for pantry or and wall bottle holder use.

Innovative element for design and construction process. The structure is made in folding, with a 19 mm thick veneered panel with a 45 ° front edge.

Available in different heights and widths with "T" divider or with reversible inclined divider for bottle holders or with smoked glass door.

it can be hanged on the wall or on the "Plano" boiserie with the possibility of horizontal movement by means of hangers.

"Tuki" multifunctional item

Kitchen element with shelves , glass holder or with spice racks.

Technical element positioned on the worktop, as a backpanel between the base and wall units.

The structure is made of satin or brunito aluminum 6 mm thick, the back and shelves 10 mm thick are made in a wide range of finishes of 2.1 and 3.1 systems .

It is available in three compositional variants consisting of: shelves, glass rack and spice rack in three modular widths and variable height.

Base Portabottiglie "Hul"

Design wine cellar for your modern kitchen.

This special element of the 3.1 system is designed to create a comfortable and useful ( not reopen cellar in the kitchen environment.

The bottle holder can be aligned in height with the other bases in the kitchen. The bottles containers are in stainless steel with a diameter of 110 mm and are not removable. The "Hul" module does not have a refrigeration system. It is available in all the brushed oak, special wood, lacquered and fenix ntm finishes of the 3.1 system.

Boiserie "Plano"

Completely concealed wall-mounted boiserie.

Modular boiserie with concealed wall fixing, thanks to 3 mm thick lateral caps in satin, burnished and satin lacquered aluminum.

The channel of the horizontal profile, obtained by overlapping the modules, is used to suspend the "IOL" and "Chef System" elements or 10 mm thickshelves in an aluminum composite panel.

"Chef System" Elements

"Chef System" special elements, structure in lava oak finish, backpanel and internal dividers in Oceano satin lacquered finish, smoked glass door, brunito hinges.


IOL container for PLANO boiserie, fits into the boiserie channel and can be positioned with vertical or horizontal access.

Special elements

1. Stod Special element in Grigio 50 satin lacquered finish. Multi-purpose containers with stainless steel finish with lid.

2. Tuki special elements, structure in brunito aluminum with back and shelves in Grigio 50 satin lacquered finish; two elements with shelf and multi-purpose tray.

"Tuki" Special elements

"Tuki" special elements with structure in brunito aluminum, back and shelves in Peperoncino satin lacquered finish. Upper shelf th. 22 mm in Ripe walnut finish.

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