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Hood-channel modular element with integrated concealed hood and stainless steel accessories.


Free-standing elements composed. Vertical partitions th. 6 cm in all 2.1 finishes. Horizontal paneling available in all 2.1 finishes. Metal open elements in satin lacquered finish.


Hof wall-mounted storage elements. Doors available in all 2.1 finishes. Available with handle/push-pull/ groove version.


Wall mounted metal open items. Available in all Copatlife satin lacquered finishes. Wall mounting fixing system with height adjustment.

Side open module

Modular elements avec lateral open side or arranged for built-in appliance.


Modular system for boiserie with adjustable staves. Available with horizontal and vertical grain. Available in all 2.1 finishes. Wall mounting fixing system with height adjustment. Junction element in brunito aluminum.


Wall mounted pantry elements. Th.6 mm vertical partitions en finition brunito or satin. Th.10 mm horizontal paneling available in all 2.1 finishes Wall mounting fixing system with height adjustment.

Equipped paneling with shelves

Self-supporting tall units to divide the space.

The back-column paneling can be made in all finishes 2.1, the fixing on the back of the columns takes place by means of a snap coupling system that allows, in case of need, quick disassembly. The shelves are anchored to the paneling by means of concealed metal supports.

Boiserie "SKIN"

Boiserie with vertical / horizontal staves with concealed fixing.

Modular boiserie with concealed wall fixing, composed of independent staves connected to each other by a retracted burnished aluminum profile. The staves are available in all finishes of thermo-structured melamine, super-opaque melamine and tecnogloss, the sense of the staves can be vertical or horizontal.

Open Tall Units 10/22

Smart solution for "indoor" cultivation.

The "10/22" open tall units in melamine are available in 23 finishes, the shelves are equipped with removable decelerated glides to facilitate their use and can support a load of up to 30 kg. Versatile and with an "identifying" design, they can be enriched with a vegetative LED kit complete with power supply capable of promoting the growth of small plants in the home.

Pantry walk-in tall unit

Multifunctional pantry module.

The Pantry Corner Cabinet module can be equipped with various accessories, the absence of the bottom and the 155 ° opening of the doors allow direct access to the inside, the width is designed to contain also a washing machine and facilitate its loading and unloading operations, the use of some accessories fixed on the back wall permits to use the space in an optimal way.

Storage snack counter

A breakfast bar with useful space inside.

The "DESK" counter has a central open compartment with removable storage in a satin lacquered finish, the drop-down shelves are equipped with a closing braking device and can be fixed on the bases or supported by the "pole" metal support. The available finishes are: melamine, satin lacquered, special lacquered, premium lacquered fenix ntm, brushed oak and and special wood.

Tall unit with side open module

Open unit used as Kitchen bookcase or shelving element.

“The side open module” is completely exploitable and can be used as a bookcase or as a useful shelving element in the kitchen. This open unit keeps objects tiny on practical shelves which are easily accessible without having to open a door. Once the tall unit door is open, the inside is once again divided into shelves for a total space exploitation. The finish of the inside of the tall unit matches the outside of the open unit.

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