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An emotional video and the voice of the architect Edoardo Gherardi describing the characteristics of the 4.1 kitchen system designed for those who want innovation, technology and perfection of detail.

The digital campaign for the new 4.1 kitchen system will start on September 14th and will be launched simultaneously on the three company’s social channels – YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest – for a duration of two weeks. The subject of the campaign is the presentation video of 4.1, a video-marketing project designed to be the image and support of a product that is meant to become a unique and exclusive icon in the kitchen market.

Focus of the video, not only the formal research and the absolute experimentation of the 4.1 kitchen system, but also the story of the Copatlife mood, always focused at the essence of the project in absolute balance between thought and action.

The video is fully visible on the new Copatlife website, recently renovated also in a mobile first perspective, characterized by great attention to design and details both in navigation and in the user experience, best interpreting the design philosophy of the #wayoflife brand: design freedom systems and total integration between modularity, special elements, customizations, finishes and stylistic mood.

With the 4.1 video launch, Copatlife therefore confirms its digital communication strategy oriented towards interaction and sharing through the use of email marketing and social media.