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The 2.1 system is renewed with new functional solutions, new finishes and special elements.

2.1 #20 as a project generator designed for cooking, sharing, talking. It expands not only in the range of contemporary solutions dedicated to the kitchen space, but also and above all in the creative ideas that characterize the new environments of the house.

2.1 #20 was born with the aim of creating technical and design solutions that can qualify and solve the living space.

The kitchen is enriched with new and effective functions and reaffirms its centrality in the everyday life. The project becomes extensible and can be designed by turning our gaze to other domestic environments such as the living space and also solving new needs of contemporary life such as the home-office space.

Six design concepts to respond in a contemporary way to the multiple aesthetic-functional requests: leisure time, aesthetics and practicality, connection of spaces, functionality and organization, the kitchen as a home regulation center.