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Designing products, interiors or architecture is like writing several episodes of the same book. Each has its own grammar but, in essence, it is also the variation of the same story that is enriched with new characters, events, atmospheres, words and adjectives from other worlds.

In fact, the hybridization is what increases the value of an idea the most.

In Copatlife, to best define a product within its own space, we always seek the corner of the story – the Way of Life – which must necessarily start from an intimate understanding of the subject and habitat, with which and in which, will live the project.
In a historical moment like the present one, where speed is often considered a value, it becomes even more precious to find the time to deepen the understanding of what one would like to create and promote.

In architecture, each element must dialogue with the context, with the place and, above all, with expressive and architectural freedom. Thus, the theme of transversality that characterizes Way of Life’s design philosophy allows us to create a different, multi-voiced dialogue that begins between the professional situations of life in the company.

Each project is a specific question, an opportunity that allows us to explore ever new narrative and stylistic approaches. Without imposing a way of living space, but freeing the mind of those who are about to live it.

For this reason, those who choose Copatlife choose their own #wayoflife.