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Copatlife announces the arrival of the new range of bacteriostatic ceramic countertops under the Abitum brand, the new brand of countertops for kitchens and tables with a sustainable design, born from the close collaboration among the most prestigious Italian kitchen brands – including Copatlife – and the knowhow of Laminam – a company specialized in large ceramic surfaces.

A new concept that offers the final consumer a series of ceramic surfaces, durable and unalterable, combined with Made in Italy furnishing elements in order generate the “kitchen Wellness”, a philosophy that aims to improve the life of those who lives and experience the kitchen through qualitatively excellent solutions.

Abitum tops are available in an complex range of twelve aesthetic finishes available in 12 mm thickness, the minimum thickness for modern and essential designs but capable of brilliantly overcoming the daily stresses of the kitchen environment, both in use as a worktop and as a table top. Some finishes are also available in 20 mm thickness.

The harmonious balance of the solutions is guaranteed by the combination of the excellent performance of Laminam surfaces, the experience of a specialized center equipped with the best technologies to transform them into Abitum countertops and the high quality of the kitchen cabinetry which are offered.