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An architectural place, a meeting point, the story of project design and experimentation. This is Behind Copatlife, a visual narration of the work of the think tank from which the ideas are born.

To stimulate new perspectives and food for thought, we will take you in the next five #tales to discover Copatlife habitats. A photographic journey through the places and values ​​that accompany the everyday life in the company between planning, everyday life and the culture of industrial design.

# tale_1
A vision, a path.

Can an idea, a shape or an object improve the way of being, living and doing things?
Yes, if there is a profound interaction between vision and project, if there is an evolutionary drive that does not make you fall into the simple narcissism of “doing design”.
We live in a fluid present, in which values, flavors and knowledge mix continuously.

Having a vision that is based on the creative convergence of different forces, but united by a common intent, is a natural obligation to be in the contemporary business landscape.

Copatlife was born from listening to people’s needs, from a clear, decisive and rigorous vision. The result is emotion and sharing ideas in a habitat where strategy and action always use new voices and languages ​​capable of responding to the needs of today and tomorrow.