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Edoardo Gherardi, architect and designer of Copatlife tells how 2.1 #20 was born, the contemporary kitchen system where freedom and design creativity meet.
The 2.1 system has recently been renewed with new functional solutions, new finishes and special elements. What were the creative concepts that inspired the reinterpretation of the 2.1 project in a contemporary aspect?
System 2.1 is a feature-packed project, organized to respond simultaneously to the changing needs of the end user. All in a refined balance between aesthetics and practicality.
The relationship between architecture and industrial product generates an effective and distinctive solution, enhancing every element of the project, making it unique and rich in details.
The kitchen as a home regulation center in which spaces interact in an open and harmonious way.
What distinguishes the daily dialogue between creativity, form and function in the domestic space in which the 2.1 #20 system is inserted?
Nothing is complicate or too complex, there is the need to order and contain in a harmony proportions and shapes that outline the architecture of the house. Technical solutions that take part in beautiful architectural compositions.
The kitchen, a hybrid experiential place today more central than ever in everyday life. What are the new technical and design solutions of the 2.1 #20 system to enrich and qualify this living space?
The kitchen is enriched with new and effective functions and reaffirms the centrality of everyday life. 2.1 #20 The project becomes extensible and can be designed in other domestic environments, with day functions and spaces for the home-office, completing and characterizing this new Copatlife proposal.
Materials and finishes, how would you describe the new aesthetic interpretations of the 2.1 #20 system?
Desaturated, neutral and dusty colors; matte, silky finishes. Great attention to detail, so important and decisive in a kitchen system with multiple finishes, which can adapt to the different needs of the consumer.
Technical materials with a high degree of durability to ensure use and stability along the years.