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Style, expressive design and habitat.

Inside our #offices

Inside, the #mood becomes emotion and sharing; the space of strategy and action comes alive with ever new voices and languages. People, projects, sounds of teamwork that lives every day to focus on new goals. Copatlife is a young brand that boasts a great experience and a solid group behind it.
An efficient production and distribution organization are the foundations on which we have built a new business project.

#Social Sensibility

In Copatlife there is motivation, creativity, listening. With our design we aim to make emotions live, build scenarios and habitats, establish true and trusting relationships. We have always stood out for being a company open to new ideas, to speak to an audience made up of young professionals through a simple and dynamic language. That’s why when we think of a new product, we first imagine it as a place to share.

Modern kitchens Italian production and design | Copatlife Organization