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The path of discovery and product becomes style, between thought and project.
The hangar is a meeting, a relationship, an exchange of ideas to build empathy with the markets and the world every day. A place aimed primarily to architects and designers where ideas are the protagonists and where Copatlife systems can be experienced, touched and imagined in numerous aesthetic and design settings.

Realized by Gherardi Architetti, the Hangar is part of a portion of 900 square meters inside an industrial building, dividing the surrounding environment into an experiential dimension in which an exhibition area coexists, equipped with an operational kitchen suitable for demonstrations and show cooking, the Pavillon , a multifunctional place that can be transformed into a photographic set, auditorium, projection room or workshop, Hospitality, a lounge area dedicated to the customer and, finally, an Editorial space to enclose the company’s communication products.

An ambitious and complex project that includes the redesign of the outdoor area defining an expressive and consistent atmosphere with the Copatlife philosophy.

Modern kitchens Italian production and design | Copatlife Hangar