Play your mood September 24, 2018

Play your mood

A concept and a global vision for Copatlife brand, the youngest among the kitchen companies, which has been able to design and introduce in.. .

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Hangar June 14, 2016


Hangar, life is an experience Copatlife evolves his marketing strategy introducing a new physical and relational space: Hangar conceived and studied for

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Visita Taiwan October 28, 2014

Visita Taiwan

Apertura nuovo Showroom Copatlife a Kaohsiung É un onore per me e la mia collega Allessandra Bellomo essere qui per questa importante cerimonia. Quando.. .

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Visit to Taiwan October 28, 2014

Visit to Taiwan

New showroom in Kaohsiung It is an honor for me and my colleague, Alessandra Bellomo, to be here for this important ceremony. When we.. .

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