Visit to Taiwan

October 28, 2014

New showroom in Kaohsiung

It is an honor for me and my colleague, Alessandra Bellomo, to be here for this important ceremony. When we received the communication that this opening would take place, we did not hesitate for a second to answer that we shall not miss this important event. For us, it is very important todeal with a partner that shows to have understood clearly the philosophy of made in Italy and best of all, Copatlife philosophy.
Our presence here today represents our gratitude to Original Kitchen and our conviction on this project. We are more than ever convinced that the kitchen it is not just a space of the house where you can cook your food, the kitchen for Copatlife is a place where the pleasure of the kitchen-space and its habitability find their full manifestation putting people and design at the center.
The research and care in the selection of new materials and finishes are the results of the attention that we give to the market, bringing to the customer a competitive and attractive product; a resource that reply to the multiple areas of taste to which customers belong.
Copatlife is not only proposing a product but a real key that could attract and excite people and we are sure that this philosophy can find its ultimate expression here in Kaohsiung.
Success is not a destination but a journey, and from today on Copatlife shall make this journey with its friends of Kahosiung.





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